Independence Day (15th August)

Time and duration of celebration : Art classes on 11th and 13th to have the theme of independence (freedom of movement, expression through art, dialogue and music)

Particulars of activity

To explore independence as individuals and as individuals as part of a state.

Facilitated by

Art facilitators 

Time and duration of celebration : 14th workshop on similar theme and sharing and discussion (1) freedoms in the constitution (2) what can their role be in creating freedom and for whom

Facilitated by


Time and duration of celebration : 15th of August - Watching a documentary on independence movement of India

Facilitated by

Class teacher+Curation team

Time and duration of celebration : Freedom installation - will check for duration

Circle time can (during the week) involve discussion on (a) the personalities that played a role in the freedom struggle (b) role of children and writing a letter to them or presenting an imagined conversation.

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