Logo Story

The logo of Tenbroeck Academy includes the “Triquetra”, a triangular figure consisting of three interlaced arcs, representing the ‘trinity of life’. The word Triquetra comes from the Latin adjective “Triquetrus,” which means “three-cornered”.

The three elements in the Triquetra also represent the ‘unity’ derived from the connection of three arcs. Tenbroeck Academy is  proud to include this symbol in our logo as we aim to nurture our children and shape their future.

Our children are like seeds, full of life. When they are sowed with care, they can grow to perform wonders. But to bring the best out of every seed i.e. child requires immense effort and nourished actions, just like water, sunlight, and nutrition are required for a seed to thrive before it blooms.

Each child is unique and needs a different level of nurturing, just like a sunflower’s seed or a daisy. The process of growth is slow and steady. We aim to refine the quality, talent, and uniqueness in each child and nurture them with all the essential elements needed in this journey.

Be it providing love, care, nourishment, safety, open-mindedness, good education, activity time, playtime, knowledge, experience, skill, empathy, and any other needs, Tenbroeck Academy stands by our child’s side throughout this journey. We understand the need for different levels of care required by a child in their childhood, adolescence, and adulthood.

The Triquetra also stands for our specific approach to holistic education. The three parts of the Triquetra stand for academics, arts, and sports. We focus on all three equally at Tenbroeck Academy so that the child gets a perfect blend of all the vital elements.

Therefore, just like Triquetra, the entire team at Tenbroeck Academy unites, connects all the dots, and takes all necessary actions with utmost care, to let our children bloom in their future. We will ensure that each child is full of confidence, core values, open-mindedness, and the zeal to learn.

The symbol ‘Triquetra’ inspire us to act as a ‘trinity of life’ for our children’s life. So, we stand by our kids’ side until they become smart, confident, and well-rounded individuals ready to explore the world after school.



The phoenix is a large and beautiful bird with bright red and gold feathers. It has a sweet voice and lives for a very long time. But what’s really special about the phoenix is that just before it dies, it bursts into flames- and from these ashes, a new phoenix is born.


The griffin is the child of a lion and an eagle. That’s why it has the head and wings of an eagle and the body of a lion. Some stories say that it even had the tail of a scorpion. Griffins were known to guard great treasures and priceless objects.


The unicorn is a beautiful white horse with a spiral horn growing on its forehead. The unicorn’s horn has magical properties that purify poison, protecting other humans and animals. That’s why they were hunted by many people, but luckily, the unicorns were very difficult to capture.


The dragon is a very large creature that is similar to a snake and has horns and four legs. Dragons were kind, knowledgeable and had power over storms and water. They were said to ward off evil. Some stories say that they even have wings and breathed fire

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