Vision, Mission & Philosophy


Tenbroeck Academy’s vision is to provide holistic education that encourages children to develop a love for learning while preparing them for life


  • To promote academic excellence.
  • To integrate arts and sports into the curriculum.
  • Facilitate the growth of leadership skills in children.
  • To help children realise their creative potential.
  • To help children develop a set of universal values such as  being non-judgmental, responsible, compassionate, and mindful


We facilitate the child’s innate ability to learn. 

We prepare the child for the road and not the road for the children. 

We learn from each other; children frequently regard us (and we consider ourselves) as educators. This overlooks the fact that children teach us a lot about living, moving forward, being optimistic, and making the best of any situation. They teach us to be interested and enthusiastic, to be fearless, and to learn something new every day.  

“The Child is Our Hero”.
We get inspired by the child to help the child

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