Omprakash Jain

CA, Founder-Partner, BO & Co, LLP

Omprakash Jain, CA, Founder-Partner, BO & Co, LLP

Education at Tenbroeck Academy will be an effective mix of theoretical & practical knowledge and the academy will feature mixed-age classes, an environment conducive for interaction, freedom, and respect as a part of the entire curriculum. It will be one that generations will remember, for the leaders it creates.


Dr. S. Pradeep

Radiologist & Fetal Medicine Specialist

Dr. S. Pradeep, Radiologist & Fetal Medicine Specialist

Tenbroeck Academy takes charge of the entire journey of a child right till adulthood. It promises to be a place where attributes like good values, proper upbringing, life skills, patriotism, honesty, punctuality, humility & culture will be inculcated into every child. Here experts in all of the above come together to give a child the best any parent could ask for.


Deepa Kamat

Director, Indian Montessori Training Courses (IMTC)

Deepa Kamat, Director, Indian Montessori Training Courses (IMTC)

An holistic approach of education is the need of the hour today. It is promising to see Tenbroeck Academy, a contemporary Montessori school, taking the initiative to help children become truly capable individuals by focusing on their all round development, striving to maintain the balance between today's needs of the child and the child's natural development along with providing the children with enriching and challenging environment.


Maharishi Sridhar

Head Coach (CEO), Michezo Sports Pvt.

Maharishi Sridhar, Head Coach (CEO), Michezo Sports Pvt.

Sport is a medium for children to learn many important life skills like teamwork and ability to deal with success and failure at a very young age. Some of these aspects are difficult to teach inside classrooms and sports instill these values to them in a very practical manner and prepare them for the hurdles of life.

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