Tenbroeck Academy - Sports Facilities In Bangalore

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Tenbroeck offers a host of sports facilities for children to indulge in. Facilities such as seven a-side football court, a half Olympic size length swimming pool, cricket pitches, 2 basketball 3*3 courts, 40m running tracks and dedicated 3000 sq ft. of space for athletics and callisthenics.

We aspire to have every child excel in at least one of the sports. Ideally, every child needs to learn a life-saving skill or sport such as swimming and one other sport. We will closely work with  professionally-run organisations to facilitate the sports programs.

Children who are exposed to sports have a sense of well-being and joy that is unparalleled. History has shown that “advanced societies” in each era always involve excellence in sports. Sports can teach children life skills, collaboration, strategy, tactics, leadership, the ability to deal with failure and success, graciousness in victory and defeat and many other things. Sport is a great equaliser and helps treat everyone alike. We aspire to inspire children to take up and continue atleast one sport throughout their life. Working with professional organisations also helps in identifying world-class talent.

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