Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Tenbroeck Academy located?

Tenbroeck Academy is located at Basavangudi and is 700 mts from Lal Bagh.

What is the class strength?

ICSE: 35 in a class

Montessori: 45 in an environment (mixed group)

What is the student teacher ratio?

ICSE: 35: 1

Montessori: 15:1 in an environment

Does the school provide transport?

Yes, there are school buses enabled with a GPS tracker, CCTV cameras, Speed Governors and Lady Caretakers.

What are the bus routes?

Buses are available to bring students into school from various points around Bangalore. Buses for the return journey leave after school timings at around 3:30pm and a limited number of buses are allotted to leave after the extracurricular/afterschool/hobby classes are finished.

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For further details on our transport from Tenbroeck, please contact: Ms. Swati by email

Is there a canteen facility in the school?

Yes, a cafeteria is available.

Does the School have a daycare facility?

No, Tenbroeck does not have a daycare facility. However, there is an afterschool program for children above the age of 6 years.

Does the school have a house system?

Yes, the children of Tenbroeck will be allocated to one of our four Houses – Griffin, Dragon, Unicorn, and Phoenix- which is based on mythological creatures. They will remain in that House throughout their time at Tenbroeck Academy.

What sports are included?

Every day children get to participate in one sport and they have the opportunity to participate in Cricket, Football, Basketball, Chess, Table Tennis, Swimming and other floor games.

What art forms are included?

Every day children get to learn/ participate in one art form such as performance arts, literary arts, and visual arts such as dance, music, theatre, movement and  arts & crafts. Arts is included as part of curriculum and is reflected in the timetable for all students.

What after-school activities are available?

Tenbroeck Academy offers a vast variety of after-school activities that includes skill building, free play, arts, and sports.

When does the academic session start?

For Tenbroeck, the academic year begins in June and ends in the last week of March with one term break

When do admissions begin?

Admissions generally start around September-October of the previous year, and are open throughout the year, depending on the availability of seats.

Where can I get an application form?

It is accessible on the website. You can also enquire about us  through the enquiry form or write to us at and we will send it across to your email ID.

Do you have a sibling policy?

Yes, for more details contact our admissions personnel at

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