The Management Team at Tenbroeck Academy


Udaya Rajesh


Udaya Rajesh, Principal

I envision Tenbroeck Academy as a creative space for children to engage, explore and weave dreams for a bright future.


Priyanka Chandrashekar

Art Director

Priyanka Chandrashekar, Art Director

My vision is to nurture curiosity and creativity of children at Tenbroeck Academy, to help them become individuals who have fulfilling lives; who shape the world and become the future change makers. Arts will play an important role to help children express themselves freely, find their voice, individuality and reach their full potential.


Nandini Prabhu

Head of School Development & Sports

Nandini Prabhu, Head of School Development & Sports

At Tenbroeck Academy we educate children to excel in life. We believe that living a successful and happy life is beyond academics or achievements or competition. We expose children to a variety of experiences and healthy habits so they can find their spark to live their best life.

Ms Renita M


Ms Renita M,Principal

"At Tenbroeck, we believe children are the future architects of change. Our focus is on fostering a community and legacy that ensures our students are ready for the future while enjoying their everyday lives. Together, we shape a world where they thrive and leave an indelible mark."



Kavya Kiran

School Coordinator

Kavya Kiran, School Coordinator

At Tenbroeck Academy we encourage active partnership between school, home and community. We believe every child is entitled to receive the care, attention and opportunities which will help them learn, broaden their experiences and develop self-confidence that they need to grow into successful young adults in the twenty first century.

Ms Anitha

Elementary Montessori Coordinator 

Ms Anitha, Elementary Montessori Coordinator

Montessori elementary education prioritizes child-centered learning with multi-age classrooms, hands-on activities, and a focus on self-directed exploration. The method encourages freedom within limits, integrates subjects, and emphasizes observation for individualized support. The prepared environment fosters holistic development, social responsibility, and global awareness.

Shobha Amarnath

ICSE coordinator 

Shobha Amarnath, ICSE coordinator

"Empowering minds through excellence in education. Our commitment to fostering holistic development is reflected in our adherence to the rigorous ICSE curriculum. Join us on a journey of knowledge, growth, and success."

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