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Art and Cultural Hub

The 70,000 sq ft. campus houses a beautiful amphitheatre with a seating capacity of 300 and has 13,000 square feet area of dedicated activity space, which is the fulcrum for the creative development of children, all WiFi-enabled.


The modern and trendy classrooms are designed to be naturally ventilated with lots of natural light, have space for discussions and activities, and integrate technology into daily work – to educate all grades at an individual or collaborative level and are equipped with state-of-the-art technology, so students can explore, experiment, confer and create with the content offered as well as nurture their curiosity and creativity.


State-of-the-art, well-equipped laboratories are available so students can better understand the concepts of Computers, Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Languages through experiential learning.


The importance of the library in every individual’s life cannot be ignored. Libraries are a vital part of giving children access to the pool of knowledge. Tenbroeck Academy has a well-stocked library to encourage our students to read more, increase their curiosity for new things in the world, and ignite their future.


School transport plays a vital role in bringing all students together and boosting school spirit. With GPS trackers, CCTV cameras, Speed Governors and Lady Caretakers, Tenbroeck Academy provides safe, comfortable, and quick transport facilities for our kids to enjoy every ride to the school.


Students love to eat at the cafeteria. They cherish these memories for a lifetime. Tenbroeck Academy has a well-planned cafeteria for our students to get healthy food to boost their energy levels and keep them away from poor-diet-related diseases.

Health Care

Our school has an infirmary which provides good in-house basic health care facilities to each child so that they remain healthy at all times. Whenever we see any child feeling even a little bit sick, Tenbroeck Academy provides them with instant healthcare.


We maintain an excellent security system to keep every kid safe and secured at all times in our school premises. When it comes to safety needs, Tenbroeck Academy never compromises any norms. You can rely on us to keep your ward safe in school


We are located in the heart of South Bangalore, and there are many advantages of such a prime location. Here is why students and parents love about site of Tenbroeck Academy;

  • We are just 700 metres away from the very famous Bull Temple.
  • Basavanagudi is considered as Hub for Chess & Swimming Training Academies. It is near Tenbroeck Academy, so our students can save plenty of travelling time by joining these academies.
  • The very famous food street VV Puram is also nearby.
  • You can visit Gandhi Bazaar- one of the most happening and lively places in Bangalore.  
  • Travelling by metro is a great option as National College Metro Station and Lal Bagh Metro Station are only 600 and 700 metres away from our school respectively.

You can navigate our school easily through these landmarks.

Best in-Class facilities for our students at Tenbroeck Academy

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