Board of Trustees


K G Subbaraj


K G Subbaraj, Chairperson

At Tenbroeck Academy, we wish to keep the flame of education burning, ensuring we instill confidence, empathy and a thirst for knowledge in every child. Our focus is to create a citizen of the future-armed with knowledge and skills aplenty.


Syed Sultaan

Ahmed Trustee

Syed Sultaan Ahmed, Trustee

A good school is a space that brings joy to children, encourages them to explore themselves and the world around them, where learning is not a module but a culture, where art and sport are ways of life. Tenbroeck Academy aims to be a school that makes a difference in the world of the children and I am excited to be part of the team that is working on this dream.


Suneeth Katarki


Suneeth Katarki, Trustee

To create an environment that is caring, nurturing and encouraging young minds to be happy in being themselves, while instilling in them the values and a sense of curiosity and wonder


Srinivas Katta


Srinivas Katta, Trustee

Thought and vision of Tenbroeck Academy:

Tenbroeck Academy represents the new breed of educational institution that stands for holistic education, focussing on academics, physical, creative and moral development. Each of these elements will be part of the curriculum. Further, each child is unique and the institution must respect the uniqueness and allow the child to progress on her or his journey.

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